Our mission is to apply current psychological research, positive experiential techniques and the latest technology to business learning in order to improve wellbeing, ability and performance

Business Training with Impact

Business Training with a Psychological Edge

Our psychology & technology powered training delivers powerful business results. The Cortecs’ approach to learning has been designed based on neuroscience in order to provide the optimum learning experience enabling participants to gain the maximum benefit and deliver maximum business impact.

ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications

Cortecs enables participants to achieve internationally recognised Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications. Our ILM Leadership and Management qualifications are designed to provide the range of skills needed in different management positions i.e. Team Leaders / First Line Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Managers. Whether delivered in our Innovation Centre or on your premises our programmes provide the skills and knowledge needed to take your business forward..

If you or your team would benefit from the Cortecs’ approach to developing skills and knowledge we would love to hear from you, simply email or call 0845 226 8234.


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Cortecs has launched a new suite of Communication programmes based on the concept of 'Glass Bubbles'

On November 9th we are holding an event with the theme of empowerment and assertiveness in order


So what’s the idea?

Glass Bubbles are the often impenetrable communication bubbles that everyone – from individuals to corporations – retreat into in order to avoid meaningful, real-time communication.

When you start a new company, particularly one like Cortecs which is not following a tried and tested path

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