Psychology powered, accredited leadership & management training, delivered in a unique real world environment, enhanced with cognitive challenges and sensory experiences.

PsychologyPsychology Powered Training - Bringing Learning to Life.
Our programmes are designed by work psychologists informed by the latest international psychological research and business leaders with decades of real world business experience. This wealth of scientific and business expertise is focussed on providing the skills and knowledge that are needed in today’s complex business environment using a learning approach that brings the learning to life.

CognitiveCognitive Challenges and Sensory Experiences
The complete Cortecs’ learning experience embeds participants into an augmented real world business environment, enabling the transfer of skills and knowledge seamlessly into their individual working environments supported by innovative online resources. An example of the fusion of a real world environment and a unique cognitive and sensory experience are the 'Challenge Boxes ' and the Cortecs board room, or 'So NOT Bored room ' as it is often described. This adult ball pit, with 100,000 balls, is the ultimate bespoke learning environment, purpose designed to provide the perfect blend of fun, cognitive stimulation and technology.

ILM Leadership and Management Qualifications
Cortecs enables participants to achieve internationally recognised Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications. Our programmes are designed at three levels, Level 3 for Team Leaders and First Line Managers, Level 5 for Middle Managers and Level 7 for Senior Managers.

ILM Level 3

Team Leaders


Three innovative accredited options to develop the specific skills and knowledge you need to lead and manage confidently.

You can choose to focus on Developing Your Leadership, Improving Your Communication or Learning How to Improve Your Team’s Performance. Each option enables you to achieve the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management or to develop the full set of leadership and management skills you can combine all three options and achieve the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

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Level 5

Middle Managers


Cortecs understands the wide range of skills needed to be a successful middle manager. Our programme builds on your experience, broadening your existing skills and knowledge and through the use of two detailed psychometric profile reports developing your abilities and confidence. The programme enables you to achieve the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management.

You have the option of extending your skills by progressing to the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management, an additional one day workshop that develops strategies to reduce stress and manage conflict.

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Level 7

Senior Managers


Our Level 7 programmes launch in September 2016. To register your interest and be the first to be notified of the programmes and receive early bird offers click here.


Up to 50% Discount available - enquire when booking.

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